Unique selling points

  • High fuel savings due to modern aerodynamics

  • Your vessel “Green” in just a few hours.

  • Easy installation at container positions by means of twist locks.

  • Foot print of a 40 ft container

  • ‘Plug and Play’ installation

  • Easy (re)moveable

  • Supported equipment inside the container, no additional equipment on the vessel.

About us

eConowind is a Dutch based company, related to HCP and Conoship international, a ship design and engineering office in Groningen. eConowind is fully dedicated to  wind-assisted ship propulsion.

We developed the eConowind-unit, supported in the form of a subsidy by the European Union and the three northern Dutch counties (SNN) with the VIA funding for regional development.

The project ended mid-2019 with the test execution of the complete working prototype on a vessel at different sea states. Further test will be done and market introduction will start in 2019.

The system will also be designed as retrofitted Ventifoils directly to ships. From Q3 2019 we expect to participate in a WASP-study to application of the unit in regular sea services.


Testing voyage with AEL

First Retrofit

Third testing voyage with wijnne barends

On the 4th of juni the eConowind-unit left the port of Emden…

Succesful second test run

eConowind-unit sails in high wind, with up to 15 degrees on the…

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Contact us

Visiting address:
Leonard Springerlaan 9
9727 KB Groningen
The Netherlands

Postal address:
P.O. Box 6029
9702 HA Groningen
The Netherlands

T +31 (0)50 526 88 22
F +31 (0)50 525 22 23
E econowind@econowind.nl