eConowind offers and provides in the placement of VentoFoil® systems which are fixed to a vessel. In contrast to the eConowind-unit where the VentoFoil® systems are placed inside a 40ft container, the size of the foils are not limited to a container.

The VentoFoil® unit is a wing shaped element using modern innovations in aerodynamics creating high propelling force relative to its size. Smart suction is integrated in the wing, resulting in double the force of the VentoFoil® while reefing when needed.

The advantage of placing the VentoFoil® units solid on a vessel is mainly the possibility to use bigger foils. Bigger foils are able to produce much greater forward force and thereby fuel savings.

The VentoFoil® units are able to fold and rotate around it’s own axis, thereby it can be always made possible to acces the ships cargo hold.

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