Flatrack VentiFoil® unit (for Boomsma Shipping)

eConowind offers a third innovative foldable and autonomous unit for wind-assisted ship propulsion, helping to propel a variety of coastal vessels.

The eConowind Flatrack unit is based on ISO-fix corners and can quickly be placed and removed. Giving a flexible solution for a variety of vessels such as general cargo vessels or other vessels. The Flatrack system has the advantage to be moved with the hatch crane of the vessel, no additional harbour equipment is needed to move the flatrack system, which provides flexibility in use.

Each flatrack can be adjusted to the size of the vessel (our latest project) has a 30m2 VentiFoil® system installed, helping to produce thrust for the vessel. The VentiFoil® is a wing shaped element using modern innovations in aerodynamics creating high propelling force relative to its size. Smart suction is integrated in the wing, resulting in double the force of the VentiFoil® while reefing when needed.

The VentiFoil® units can be rotated automatically to find the optimal angles relative to the apparent wind. The generated force will be transferred right into the deck and thus helping with propulsion of the vessel. To maintain the ships optimal speed, the engine power can be reduced.

In heavy and/or unfavourable wind conditions the VentiFoil® units can easily be folded and locked onto the flatrack.

All equipment, like hydraulics, automation and ventilation are integrated in the flatrack unit. The only support of the vessel to the unit is 400-460 V, 3 phase, 50-60 Hz power connection.

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