Application expert

Econowind Job offer
eConowind offers wind propulsion units for sea-going ships. The goal is to reduce costs and CO2 emissions by reduction of used motor power.

Ventifoils are offered in a 40ft container, as retrofit units and on a flatrack.
First projects are being sold and thus we are looking for new colleagues to help us in our fast growing company.
We have 5 functions which we hope to fulfill wit 2-3 new colleagues at first.

Application expert
– Mariner to sail with our units
– Able to explain the unit to potential users
– Possibly parttime to be combined with one of the other jobs
– Experience in sailing / motorsailing

For all functions the general feel must be “flexible team player”.
Parttime is possible. Flexibility is a must

For more information please contact
F. Nieuwenhuis
CEO econowind